Many believe that Dublin is currently being engulfed by high-end shops and hotels, draining the soul of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. However, Dublin still holds some of the most unique, traditional, and Instagram-able streets that attest its charm. Here are four of my favourite streets in Dublin City:

1) Anne’s Lane, Dublin 2

It’s just off Grafton Street, making it easily accessible for everyone who wants to kick off their Dublin experience on one of its most prominent streets. What allows Anne’s Lane to stand out is the artistic installation of umbrellas strung overhead across the width of the street! This was set up by Zozimus, one of Dublin’s most cosmopolitan bars. Not only does it allow for some gorgeous photos, but it also serves as a constant reminder of the number one thing to carry in Dublin: a brolly! Take a few pictures and grab one of Zozimus’ lovely signature cocktails. 

2) Moore Street

Around the corner from the Spire lies one of the most traditional and celebrated streets in Dublin: Moore Street. During the day, it holds one of Dublin’s oldest markets. The Moore street market has been in operation for decades, providing various kinds of food and drink barrow stalls. It’s one of the most iconic streets in Dublin as it celebrates the cities sense of community and holds a level of tradition. Running from Monday-Saturday every week, it is a must-see. 



3) Love Lane, Temple Bar

Temple bar is one of Dublin’s hotspots when it comes to tourism as many of the streets leave both tourists and locals alike in awe. The cobblestone lanes are filled with murals and street art, but none is more special than Love lane. This secluded love-themed lane links Essex Street and Olympia Theatre. Complete with sweet messages, paintings, and impressive colourways, Love Lane is a perfect spot for a first date. If you aren’t going on dates yet, get yourself down to Copper Face Jacks nightclub. Thank me later.

4 Great South George’s street. 

Last, but not least, this is one of Dublin’s most iconic streets. Great South George’s Street is home to many pubs and clubs, such as the famous gay-friendly, craic-filled club ‘The George”, but it also boasts many vintage, architectural marvels like the George’s Street Arcade. This is one of the oldest Victorian-style markets in Europe with a variety of stalls that sell everything from bubble tea to vintage records. This street cannot be missed if you admire Victorian architecture.


Luke Murphy – Arts & Lifestyle Writer