The first ever Best Student Cities ranking has been carried out by QS World University Rankings. Out of a possible 50 cities, viagra Dublin and Berlin were placed joint 8th. The top three cities were Paris, London and Boston.

There are two pre-requisites for cities to be eligible for evaluation; there must be a population of over 250,000 and the city must be home to at least two institutions. In total, five areas are examined to determine the ranking of each individual city: rankings, student mix, quality of living, employer activity and affordability.

The four institutions in Dublin (UCD, TCD, DIT and DCU) have fees that average out at €19,600. However, according to the QS World University Rankings website, “they have produced famous names in range of disciplines”. This can be seen as a major incentive for prospective students to continue their education in one of the four third-level institutions that Dublin has to offer, helping to undermine the hefty fees demanded and encourage students to choose Dublin as a city of interest.

The total population of Dublin stands at 1,046,000 people. Out of this figure the student population adds up to 51,500. These figures show that Dublin has a high concentration of students. It also has a high international student ratio of 23%.

The Mercer Quality of Living survey contrasts and compares 221 cities across the world. Dublin has bagged itself a once again impressive 24th place. The Mercer Cost of Living Rank for Dublin is a reasonable 58th place.

All of the above information merges to give Dublin an overall score of 376. This is made up from the areas of affordability (43), employers’ activity (70), quality of living (91.5), student mix (92) and finally the rankings score that (79).

A good social scene is important in the life of any student preparing for third level education.  Roman Auernheimer, a foreign exchange student, says: “pubs generate a very unique atmosphere” and thinks that “Dublin deserved a good place” in the rankings.

Leighanne Bent