Hailing all the way from Greystones, ambulance Mano Le Tough is undeniably the greatest figure in Irish music right now. Since his remarkable debut in 2009, Mano has worked his way up to become a distinguished dj with releases such as Changing Days and a plethora of incredible remixes under his belt. The Irish Dj and producer, now based in Berlin, has adorned all vital clubs and stages in the electronic scene with his impeccable sound. Mano now performs to a massive fan base worldwide. Mano’s ear for a good beat has been widely noted by other musician’s such as Aloe Blacc and Caribou. His sets are often described as mesmerising and incredible as his intuitive ear for music caters for every crowd he plays for.  Whether he’s playing live or playing a DJ set, it’s a rare thing for someone to dislike his show.

With an impressive reputation and volume of work to his name, Mano now also runs a label with friend and fellow DJ, The Drifter.  The Label, Maeve, states its ethos which is ‘’ to release beautiful, special records that will last in the hearts of the public’’. Maeve has undoubtedly a bright future as a record label in the industry with the likes of Mano and The Drifter’s dedication to electronic music. The pair both curate a once-a-month event named Passion Beat, which is described as a well-regarded part of the berlin night scene. For the Irish music scene, this is a fantastic step forward for Ireland and the electronic scene internationally.

The label’s ethos rides on as it has put together an event throughout the world from Amsterdam to Ibiza. This September Mano Le Tough brings the label to Dublin’s newest venue, Opium Rooms. Described by online electronic magazine, Resident Advisor, this is ‘’a homecoming to remember’’.  Mano Le Tough, The Drifter and budding German DJ, Baikal, come together on the 27th of September with their renowned Maeve showcase in association with Hidden Agenda. After a thrilling set at this year’s Longitude, this is a gig that cannot be missed. Tickets are available on Resident Advisor priced at bargain of fifteen euro. In the meantime, if this happens to be your first introduction to Mano Le Tough, here are some tracks to get yourself acquainted with the man himself

·         Primitive People (Original Mix)

·         Tempus (Original Mix)

·         Simulation- Roisin Murphy (Mano le Tough Remix)

 By Chloe Murphy