What is it about those designer names that sends our hearts a flutter?
Is it the luxurious atmosphere that automatically hums in the air the moment someone mentions the word Prada or Marc Jacobs?
Or maybe its the wonderful elegance and quality that designers like Chanel convey in their wares that make us want to put so much pressure on our debit cards that we’re sure they are about to explode.
Whatever it is, treatment since the days of Coco, medical we’ve been simply cuckoo for labels.

While I love these special purchases, sale (especially if they’re hanging from my shoulder) unfortunately funds don’t always stretch to the Michael Kors Jet Set tote I want. When it comes to satisfying our designer urges its up to us ladies to be economical.

It is for that reason that every week we shall be bringing you the best of our designer double selection.

This week our designer is Celine, and our double is from Zara!

The Celine Trio bag is a little bitty pop of perfection. It combines a woman’s two great urges when it comes to accessories.
It is sleek and elegant with beautiful touches that lend itself to a timeless look. Yet at the same time its three featured compartments allow us to indulge in throwing all the ‘unnecessary items’.

Price Tag : A hefty €834.00. Ouch.

However, we at heydolly.com have honed our detective skills and managed to find the most perfect designer double at Zara!

The Mini Gusseted Messenger bag from Zara is the perfect double for the trio, with the same soft leather, spacious compartments and cute shoulder strap.

Zara go that one step further in fact and provide us with a contrast of colour for the inner compartment, accentuating the bags monochrome feel.

Price Tag : A wallet friendly €27.95.