Technical issues have arisen with UCD Students’ Union’s (SU) Election voting system. Users who opted to vote online though a link within Facebook or Instagram apps may not have successfully voted. This news comes after a steep downturn in registered voters indicates a significantly lower voter turnout than previous years.

UCDSU has opted to move elections online for the first time in its history amid the current COVID-19 health crisis. Shortly after voting began on Tuesday morning, the Returning Officer was made aware of an issue with voting confirmation. According to the Returning Officer, Membership Services Limited (MSL), who is running the online elections for the SU, found that the Facebook and Instagram app ‘webview’ doesn’t support the “confirm your vote” popup message. This may have misled students to believe they have voted without receiving email confirmation.

In a statement to the College Tribune, the Returning Officer has advised “students who voted that didn’t receive a confirmation email of successfully voting, to log in once again.” He has also advised students to “vote through a browser like Safari or Chrome be it on their phones, tablets, laptops or PCs.”

As of this morning, the Returning Office has indicated that “over half of the registered students have casted their vote” since polls opened at 9am on Tuesday.

The Returning Officer has indicated that he has “no evidence of any other technical issues” but has encouraged students to get in touch with his office with any further issues (

On Monday, the Returning Officer revealed that the number of students registered to vote is just 1,262. Last year, over 4,000 people voted in the elections. Voting is restricted to UCD students who have registered to vote, and polls will close on Thursday at 9pm. Election results are due to be announced on Friday, May 1st.

There are seven candidates in the running for five executive officer positions in UCD Students’ Union. The Education and Welfare Officer positions are currently the only contested positions, with the Graduate Officer position vacant. Current Graduate Officer Conor Anderson is running unopposed for President.

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Conor Capplis – Editor