With elections for the new Arts and Human Science Officer position for the UCD Students Union looming, troche the College Tribune decided to catch up with candidates Lexi Kilmartin and Conor Viscardi.

First year history and politics student Lexi Kilmartin is also the current class rep for history, viagra and spoke to the College Tribune regarding her plans are if she be elected.

“I want to run to be a strong voice to the Arts and Human Sciences students and mature and postgraduate students in particular…my main focus as arts and human sciences officer would be on welfare and education”

This candidate also outlined various changes she wants to make if elected, thumb “I want to improve visibility of the SU by hosting ‘meet your rep’ days. I also want to push for more plugs in Newman, as well opening up the social spaces in Newman and host lunch time events in the Newman building in association with the clubs and societies

Another candidate for the position is first year history and geography student Conor Viscardi, who also spoke to the Tribune,

“Well personally I feel passionate about the Arts and Human Sciences Courses available here in U.C.D. It can be said that no other degree can offer access to such a broad range of subject matters… I would find it an honour to represent the whole faculty in maintaining and improving the academic excellence pursued here in the Newman Building”.

This candidate also has major changes in mind should he be elected, “My two goals involve firstly academic awareness and improving employability among arts and human sciences students, and the second is promoting and re-invigorating the Newman Building as a social place and a place of learning. These broad goals include particulars such as, Campaign for the recognition and awareness of electives as a qualification. Promote Pre-Graduate Intern-ships on a university and more wide spread level with local and International employers. Host Arts and Human Sciences geared Pre and Post Graduate Intern-ships seminars and in liaison with the Education Offi­cer.”