Ryan Oakes is a first year Law and Social Justice student, case currently in the running for Business and Law Convenor in the Student Union elections. After holding the position of Class Rep, buy viagra Oakes thinks that he has observed what policies have and have not worked for the Union. This, for sale he thinks, will guide him in bringing in changes that would be of benefit to the entire student body.

When asked what he could bring to the role of convenor, Oakes is definitely not running short on ideas. “Better faculty-student interaction.” is one he states as a key policy. By improving lines of communication between lecturers, tutors, and students, Oates aims to make approaching members of staff less daunting. Better faculty-student interaction, he states, would be of great benefit in particular to Law students in the final years of their degree.

Better interaction is a running theme in many of Oakes’ plans for the role, which range from more drop-in clinics with SU representatives, to the organisation of joint events hosted by both the Student Union and relevant societies. SU drop-in clinics, he says, should improve communication between representatives and students, who may wish to bring forward queries, suggestions or complaints to the Union. Also, by holding the clinics within the Quinn School of Business, Smurfit Business School and the Sunderland Law Building, Oakes thinks this improved SU presence will help boost student involvement in Union activities. This boost in involvement is essential in reducing any disconnect felt between the Student Union and the greater student body.

Another of Oakes’ plans,  joint events held in partnership with the Student’s Union and societies such as LawSoc, also hope to boost student involvement. By partnering with societies, Oakes hopes to make the Union more ‘student-friendly’ and its representatives more approachable. “I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel.” He states, simply. “I’m just trying to improve the things I can.”