A new committee has been established to examine the cost of exam resit and repeat fees has been established in UCD. The group is a subgroup of the University Management Team – Student Experience Group (UMT-SEG). It was established following a proposal submission from UCDSU to examine the cost of resit and repeat fees. The group is a review group which will look at the fee being charged for resit and repeat fees and is expected to make a recommendation by the start of next semester.

UMT-SEG ‘provides high-level oversight and coordination of those student supports which contribute to the holistic UCD student experience across academic, civic, cultural, mental, and physical performance and wellbeing. UMT-SEG have responsibilities in delivering student support services such as health and welfare, campus safety and access and counselling and advice services.

Speaking to the Tribune via email Education Officer Rob Sweeney said that the establishment of this group was ‘very positive’ and ‘shows UCD are recognising that it’s an issue that needs to be addressed’. Addressing resit and repeat was a central manifesto promise of Mr Sweeney’s when he ran for Education Officer last March.

Mr Sweeney also stated that this was a positive step for student engagement. ‘When looking at what types of engagement we want, partnership is always the one we work towards. Students being able to bring agenda items to the table for decisions to be made on, with outcomes being ones that students have a central part in.’

‘Overall the setting up of the group appears to be and I hope will be a very positive move in the process of trying to get the fee reduced.’

Rachel O’Neill – Editor