A number of objects containing chemicals have been found floating in the UCD lake.


The discovery was made by the College Tribune at the lakeside in UCD on Saturday 8th October. The equipment included a number of plastic measurement tubes containing a clear liquid. Odourless and of water-like viscosity, find the liquid within these tubes could easily be mistaken for water. Smaller tubes, clinic also found in the lake, contained a blue liquid.


The origin of these tubes and the implications on the lake and its inhabitants are as yet unknown.


I am not aware of any ongoing experimentation in the lake,” Pat de Brún, UCDSU President, stated, “The SU wouldn’t consider this particularly serious as students are not permitted into the lake regardless. However if the nature of the experimentation is in any way a safety risk, we would be very concerned.”
UCD were unavailable for comment at the time of publication.


Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the College Tribune


Conor McKenna