The College Tribune is seeking to hire newspaper designers for the upcoming academic year. We take pride in our emphasis on good design since our first edition in 1989. Student journalism can only get so far without a team of dedicated designers to make us look good!

To view the design of this year’s volume, feel free to visit our profile on 

We are looking to hire students who are excited to design up to 10 issues of the newspaper from this Autumn. No prior experience with The College Tribune is required, we hope to expand our team outwards and take in new students to build on our fantastic team. 

The newspaper is circulated around UCD on usually a bi-weekly basis as per our production schedule. The position will require intense work during the week prior to our print deadline, but don’t let this dissuade you! This year’s designer, our Editor-in-Chief Conor Capplis, says: “Designing the Trib has been a fantastic experience this year. Although I wasn’t sure if I was ready going in, it’s one of those jobs where you can learn on the go. I highly encourage anybody with an interest in graphic design to apply, it’s a tough but worthwhile job.”

The position is unwaged, as is every job at The College Tribune. We are Ireland’s only independent student newspaper, meaning we receive no funds from University College Dublin (UCD). Our advertising income supports our print expenditure and other minor costs. The benefits of such a position are self-evident, as designers of the newspaper in the past have successfully gone on to work in fields of their choice such as graphic design firms and freelance work. 

The newspaper was redesigned in summer 2019 for Volume 33. The upcoming Volume 34 can continue with this new, sleek and professional look, or candidates can propose their own changes and fresh ideas for the paper. We encourage bold, new suggestions on how we can capture the eyes of Belfield’s student body. 

In depth knowledge and access to design programmes such as Adobe InDesign are essential. While we are not looking for lengthy experience in this area, we are looking for committed, innovative and enthusiastic designers to fulfil this position. 

We are seeking to hire a team of 1 – 3 designers that can work on the newspaper from approximately August 2020 until April 2021, with a gap of about six weeks over the Christmas period. 

Please send a brief letter of interest and CV to editor@ We ask to see examples of past design experience and provide descriptions of the projects, their workload and ideas for the design of The College Tribune later this year. Applications will close at the end of June and we will get back to candidates regarding interviews in due course.

If you would like to get in touch for a chat with this year’s designer (Conor), feel free to email news@ and he’ll get back to you.

The team is excited to hear your ideas and get working with you in the future. Enjoy your summer!


College Tribune Team