Job Description:
The work of the editor or two co-editors is a demanding and full-time role. It involves producing the print issues fortnightly over the college year, as well as managing and updating the paper’s online website and social media. This can include intensive work the week and weekend the paper is in the production before going to print

The editor(s) is responsible for recruiting a team of sections editors during the summer and sourcing a designer for the paper, as well as contributors and writers throughout the year. The College Tribune is entirely self-funded, so the responsibilities of the editor also include sourcing sufficient advertising to cover the cost of printing the paper each issue.

As head of the paper, the editor(s) is also tasked with continuing the Tribune’s tradition
of investigative journalism in UCD. Candidates should ideally have experience in journalism and writing, and this position is open to an external application as well as current section editors or writers within the College Tribune.

As the Tribune us independent, the position is unwaged, however, the editor takes home any surplus revenue after the print costs have been covered. The successful candidates(s) will gain invaluable experience in journalism, media and communications. Many former editors of the Tribune have gone on to work in the national media, politics and public relations.


How to Apply:
Candidates should email their application to the current editors at editor@ They should include in their applicationtheir C.V. and an application letter that:
1) Outlines their experience and suitability for the role
2) Five areas or issues in UCD they would investigate as Editor
3) Proposed changed or ideas to improve the paper
4) Proposed shortlist of companies to seek advertising from.


Applications should be recived no later than 6pm on the 17th of May 2019.