90s kids assemble! This list will not only take you on a walk down memory lane (the scene when little Macaulay Culkin slaps aftershave on his face, right?), but the majority of us will also feel incredibly old when we realise that The Grinch is fifteen years old this year…. At least one purely holiday-themed film was released each year from 1990-2ooo – from the classic to the creepy.

Home_alone1990Home Alone

Directed by Chris Columbus.

The iconic kid-vs-criminal comedy is released this year, starring Macaulay Culkin at the age of ten. Hilarious and heart-warming, the Christmas season just wouldn’t be complete without this movie.

all i want1991All I Want for Christmas

Directed by Robert Lieberman.

Santa has received an unusual request this year, as one little girl asks him to bring her soon-to-be-divorced parents back together.

Muppet_christmas_carol1992 The Muppet Christmas Carol

Directed by Brian Henson

Everybody’s favourite puppets re-enact the classic Dickensian tale, in a rendition that defined a generation. Starring Gonzo, who takes up the role of Dickens himself, and Kermit in the role of Bob Cratchit.

The_nightmare_before_christmas_poster1993 – Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas

Directed by Henry Selick

This is the year that Jack Skellington first hits our screens, as the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town discovers Christmas. Based on a poem written by Tim Burton in the 1980s.

santa clause1994The Santa Clause

Directed by John Pasquin

When Santa Claus falls from his roof on Christmas Eve, divorced dad Scott must take his place, according to a card he finds in Santa’s coat which invokes the titular Santa Clause.

sleeping1995While You Were Sleeping

Directed by John Turteltaub

Sandra Bullock stars as a woman who rescues a man from an oncoming train; however, he falls into a coma. She is swept up with spending the holidays with his quirky, lovable family.

jingle1996Jingle All the Way

Directed by Brian Levant

A satirical holiday comedy in which Arnold Schwartzenegger and Sinbad battle it out as two desperate fathers, each seeking the same coveted Christmas toy ,“Turbo Man”.

jack frost 19971997Jack Frost

Directed by Michael Cooney

A serial killer is reincarnated as a snowman and goes on a Christmas killing spree. (However, this is not recommended as a typical, heart-warming Christmas film. Stick with the classics.)

jack frost 19981998Jack Frost

Directed by Troy Miller

Starring Michael Keaton in, perhaps, a more pleasant and family-friendly take on the mythical figure. A year after his father’s tragic death, Charlie inadvertently resurrects him in the body of a snowman.

christmas carol 19991999A Christmas Carol (David Hugh Jones)

Patrick Stewart appears as everybody’s favourite miser in this powerful adaptation of the classic tale.

the grinch2000 – Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas – or, The Grinch (Ron Howard)

Jim Carrey stars as the Grinch, a bitter and spiteful creature who despises Christmas – that is, until he meets the young, cheerful Cindy Lou Who.

Niamh Crosbie, Film and Entertainment Editor