The IMMA presents a series of new works by artist Brian Maguire, ‘War changes its address, the Aleppo paintings’. The exhibition is based on the continuing conflicts and struggle for power in Aleppo, Syria that Maguire has both seen and captured in photographs. His exhibition links to the displacement of people and the destruction caused, all amounting to the refugee crisis which is affecting most of Europe.

Maguire has created this exhibition through true engagement with the affected areas . Along with Paris based artist John Lawlor, they mimicked the route that many refugees take along mainland Europe, France Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Austria. Visiting many of the cities across the overland journey from Greece to Germany. He then visited Damascus and Aleppo with Colm Laighneach, where they undertook workshops and engaged with the locals.

His new works all share the title Aleppo, and along with some bursts of colour have a palette of washed out browns, blues and greys. This colour represents the destruction caused and lack of detail and vibrancy left in the architecture of the city , as well as the lack of life surrounding these buildings. The title ‘War changes its address’, lends itself to the never ending cycle of war. The exhibition is presented in the Courtyard Galleries at IMMA from 26th January – 6th May 2018.

There are a number of free Associated Talks and Events, but booking is required.

These include:

Thursday 25 January 2018, 6.00pm, Johnston Suite, IMMA, FREE

Artist Conversation & Preview / Brian Maguire & Sarah Glennie

Artist Brian Maguire discusses the IMMA exhibition, War Changes its Address: The Aleppo Paintings with Sarah Glennie. This talk explores Brian Maguire’s research and recent visits to Syria, as it relates to the artists ongoing interests in social and political situations and approaches painting as a gesture of solidarity.

Thursday 1 March 2018, 6.30pm, Lecture Room, IMMA, FREE

Seminar / Civil War – Historical & Contemporary Perspectives

Speakers include Ghiat Ibraheem (Photojournalist, Syria); Paddy Woodsworth (Author, Journalist, Irish Times); Colm Laighneach (Member of Hidden Voices, An International Conflict Resolution Body based in Ireland) and others.

Friday 16 March 2018, 1.15pm, Meeting Point – IMMA Main Reception, FREE

Curators Lunchtime Talk Series

Ben Stafford, Exhibitions, IMMA presents a gallery walk through of the exhibition Brian Maguire, War Changes its Address: The Aleppo Paintings.

Friday 27 April 2018, 2.30pm, Johnston Suite, IMMA, FREE

Seminar / Bearing Witness – Creative & Critical Practice on the Frontline

Speakers include Brian Maguire (Artist); Lara Marlowe (Author, Paris Correspondent, Journalist, and Irish Times); Elisa Perriguer (Film maker and activist, Paris) Ed Vulliamy (Writer, The Guardian & The Observer, UK) and others.

Holly Lloyd – Arts & Events Editor