It is difficult to describe on paper how unique Berlin really is. Words on paper are simply not enough to do it justice. Without experiencing the city first hand for yourself, one can neither envision nor appreciate what it’s all about. Two years ago, I moved here having heard all the stories about how great it is, about its young, vibrant atmosphere and the endless history and culture of the city. The stories, as it turns out are absolutely correct but it wasn’t until I lived here for several months and got a taste of what Berlin is really all about, that I could comprehend just how special it actually is.

Berlin is a city where absolutely anything goes. Appearance, sexual preference, age; none of it matters in the slightest. Locals care little for the opinions of others preferring instead to concentrate their energies on revelling in the abundance the city has to offer, embracing the magnitude of capability and the extraordinarily diverse character of the people who inhabit it. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Berlin, a few months and the place had managed to carve out a part of me as much within me as I had within it.

Berlin is restless, nothing ever sits still for long and there’s always something happening. That might be a planned event or something as simple as individuals performing on the streets. This takes on a whole new meaning at weekends, when Berlin really comes alive. Justifiably famous for its world beating Techno-scene, your nights begin and end when you decide. €10-15 will put you in a room with some of the world’s best professional DJ’s performing live in their element until the early hour of the morning or later.

This said, Berlin is far more than just a party city. Its diverse and multicultural population allows you to meet personalities from all manner of backgrounds. It’s the kind of city where everyone, despite living their lives as individuals, can come together to share themselves and their home with you. The city, maybe more than any other can be said to have something for everyone with each district taking on its own style. From Mitte for the shoppers,to Friedrichshain for the hipsters, Prenzlauer-Berg for the artists and Wedding for the new arrivals, every slice of the city is a new adventure that promises to break that old stereotype of east and west.

Put plainly, Berlin is one of a kind. Many might try but none can achieve exactly what it is that makes Berlin what it is. Accept no substitutes.

Words by Ruairí Tatschl,