Hallowe’en is over – it is officially winter. The clocks have gone back, the temperatures have dropped, and flu season is on the horizon. For many students, the end of the autumn trimester is the busiest time of year. The rush to attend lectures, complete assignments, study for exams, meet with friends and work part-time can result in students feeling run-down and burnt out. This is where nutritional supplements can lend a helping hand.

The College Tribune sat down with the founder and CEO of fabuwellness.com, Laura Dowling, to discuss how nutritional supplements can be valuable tools in boosting vitality and supporting students’ overall well-being.

Laura is a qualified pharmacist and scientist, having graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2002. While studying at Trinity, she specialised in Pharmacognosy, the study of plants, herbs and mushrooms for medicinal purposes. Since graduating, Laura has gained twenty years of experience working in a community pharmacy. This opened her eyes to a void in the market for supplements that married natural remedies and contemporary medicine to target common issues such as stress and fatigue.

fabÜ nutritional supplements are unique as they are formulated with premium-grade botanicals, mushrooms and minerals that are not overly engineered. Each product has a simple list of key ingredients that are all tailored to specific needs whether that be boosting immunity or rejuvenating your skin and hair health.

There is often a misconception that nutritional supplements are only necessary for people of an older generation or for those who may be missing key nutrients like vegans or celiacs. But fabÜ supplements can help to combat common issues that are often faced by students. Laura particularly recommends the FOCUS BRAIN blend, the R&R RELAX blend, and the SKIN GLOW blend for young adults attending university.

“I think that the FOCUS BRAIN is brilliant as it keeps people sharp, it helps concentration which is good coming up to exams. The R&R RELAX  supplements are also helpful as they can ease stress levels and help students sleep during hectic periods of the academic year. Then the SKIN GLOW is a great addition to a balanced diet for those who may need extra support with their skin.”

‘R&R’ (rest and relaxation) was one of fabÜ’s first products when the brand launched last year. It uses ayurvedic botanical extracts blended with B vitamins and magnesium to support psychological function, and the nervous system, and to reduce tiredness and fatigue. It can also ease stress levels – perfect for students dealing with frustrating group projects!

The SKIN GLOW supplement supports both skin and hair. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients which can help to calm problematic skin  After just one skin cycle (six weeks) students should see an improvement in skin texture and scalp health. Laura explains that this is not a substitute for a good skincare routine but instead, it is a support for students who believe that their skin needs a boost. “It is healthy skin from the inside out.”

fabÜ FOCUS BRAIN  is based on the edible mushroom Lion’s Mane, blended with amino acids and vitamins. It supports mental performance, and psychological function and reduces tiredness and fatigue. Laura explains that this is perfect to support focus and memory. By taking two capsules a day, students should notice a difference in three weeks – just in time for exams! However, knocking back a full jar will not help you to pass an exam that you haven’t studied for…sorry but that’s just a scientific fact!

The sudden change in weather can often leave students vulnerable to colds and flu, particularly if travelling to college on public transport. For this, Laura recommends the SHROOMS IMMUNE supplement. Based on a concentrated extract of two edible mushrooms that are blended with vitamin D, Vitamin C, copper and zinc, this supplement will help you to perform at your best this winter.

Laura says that she is a strong believer in “less is more” and that students should “pick the gap in their life that they want to plug” and focus on that rather than trying to tackle everything at once. Often plugging one gap can have very positive knock-on effects. She adds that her supplements can be used simultaneously but often more than two blends are not necessary. fabÜ supplements are available at ProCare Pharmacy in the UCD Student Centre and other stockists nationwide. Each product listed in this article retails for under thirty euros. For more information, visit fabuwellness.com or follow Laura @thefabulouspharmacist on Instagram.

Emma Hanrahan – Editor