Conor Nealon (Sports Editor)

The sporting excellence was palpable in the Fitzgerald Chamber on Monday last, sales as both the Cork’s ladies GAA manager Eamon Ryan and the top Cat Brian Cody visited Belfield to offer their two cents on many of the issues faced by you and I today. As well as tackling the rigours of student life, and the two GAA heavyweights spoke candidly about the level of professionalism which our national games have reached.

Producing a quote to remember, buy viagra Brian Cody challenged the maxim that team members should be prepared to die to win a game and bore the ruthlessness which has seen his Kilkenny side enjoy unparalleled success, announcing that “You should always be prepared to kill to win a game. That’s the difference.”

Taking Joe Brolly to task on claims that inter-county players are slaves to their sport, neither Cody nor Ryan believed that any player is forced into any training regime, stating that the love of the game is what drives players to sacrifice so much to be the best player they can be.

Eamon Ryan was also invited to the podium by UCD’s very own Gaelic Games Executive and all round hero David Billings. Speaking with an air of humility, Ryan began to empathise with the struggle of students today in striking a healthy balance between the academic requirements and social aspects of College life.

Deploying the striking analogy of the ownership of a valuable car, the UCC Sports Officer questioned whether we would put diesel in a petrol engine and if not why do we continue to put the wrong fuel into our body? The analogy continued as Ryan pointed out that we’re quick to bring a new car into a mechanic for repairs however we fail to talk about issues which may be damaging to our mental health.