This year UCD’s Campus Television Network, remedy better known as CTN, are adopting a fresh approach to the running of their society. A formerly small and quiet society, CTN is planning somewhat of a revival this year with the introduction of new shows and workshops.

The society plan on running a number of new shows throughout the year focusing mainly, in semester one, on re-establishing their news show. It is hoped this show will give other societies and the Students’ Union the opportunity to send in their news stories while also covering general news from UCD. Produced by CTN’s Head of News, Diarmuid Burke, auditor Thelma Harris told the College Tribune that it “promises to be a really worthwhile project”.

There are also plans to introduce a drama series in the second semester, which will showcase CTN member’s writing and acting abilities. A current affairs show is being planned to run alongside the news show and introduce topical debate to UCD. Productions at CTN will be carefully handled with Head of Cinematography, Dónal McElwaine and Head of Photography, Brian O Leary producing and editing CTN shows to a high standard.

Along with producing shows the main goal of CTN this year is to introduce their members to a new set of skills and knowledge. They will run workshops every Monday, in the hope that these workshops will benefit the society as a whole and also those who wish to have a career in media and broadcasting.

Boosting the profile of CTN around UCD seems to be a strong objective for this years’ committee. They plan to do this by utilizing social media outlets and running events throughout the year. They have already welcomed former auditor and RTÉ presenter Sean Regan back to UCD to run a presenting workshop.

Although plans have not been put in place, the new student centre told the College Tribune that “the Student Centre aims to support all campus media so it would be our intention to show CTN … where possible and on appropriate TV locations”.

Having only been set up in 2006 this year marks the first big change CTN has undertaken to boost its society. Harris told the College Tribune, “the committee and I have a clear vision of the kind of society we want to hand over to next year’s committee and we are determined to succeed”.

– Rachel Carey