UCD Young Greens and Young Fine Gael Vote Against Proposed Programme for Government

UCD Young Fine Gael have rejected the proposed plan for government and UCD Young Greens have officially voted against the deal. UCD Young Fianna Fáil have declined to state their final position due to ongoing internal debate.  There are concerns among all three groups that this programme will have long term negative consequences for their parties.

Almost 1 in 3 Women Report Being Raped During College Years, National Survey Reveals

A national survey of college students in Ireland found that 29% of female, 28% of non-binary, and 10% of male students stated that they had experienced “non-consensual penetration by incapacitation, force, or threat of force” while attending college.

Run by NUI Galway’s Active Consent Programme in conjunction with the Union of Students in Ireland, ‘The Sexual Experiences Survey’ was completed by 6,026 students between February and April. The survey aimed to document the experiences of sexual violence, sexual harassment and sexist harassment faced by Irish college students in higher education. The report hopes to inform the implementation of the ‘Consent Framework’ being drawn up by the Department of Education and skills.