Originally started by Trinity College Students’ Union, the ‘Ring Your Granny For Marriage Equality’ has gained momentum in recent weeks. The campaigns sees people calling their Grandmothers to encourage them to vote Yes in the upcoming Marriage Equality referendum and documenting it all on video.

One well-known Irish YouTuber, James Mitchell, decided to participate in the campaign and ring his own Nanna while documenting it all on his YouTube channel, JamesMitchellTV. At the time of print, the video had over 140,000 views, with views in Australia, America and Brazil. Rachel Carey spoke with James about why he chose to do the video and what the reaction has been.

When asked why he decided to call his Nanna and film the conversation James stated that he wanted to show people that the upcoming referendum really matters to him. “The marriage equality referendum affects me personally – I want people to see that this really matters to me, and so many other people.” Also adding  “If a lady in her golden years who lives in the middle of nowhere can see that – why can’t everyone else?”

James called the response to the video “really energising.  I can’t wait for May. I really think we’re going to win this. But we can’t unless people get up and vote on the day. Every vote counts.”

James also added that he was not worried about receiving a negative reaction to the video, although a second ‘Calling My Nanna Again’ video does mention some of the negative reactions the video has recieved. “As long as people get out and vote yes in May, I don’t care what people think about me or what I do. If you watch my videos, you like me – if you don’t, you don’t.”

During his video James mentions that he currently he cannot walk down the street holding his boyfriends hand without fear of getting a black eye. Due to the comments from the video James now hopes a time will come where he will be able to do so. “So many people said that they would be calling their grandparents or family members and asking them to vote yes after watching the video even though the referendum doesn’t apply to them directly. It’s really incredible to see how motivated people are about the referendum.

James is extremely passionate about the upcoming referendum and is encouraging people to vote Yes. James’ advice to those who remain undecided about with way to vote on May 22nd is this, “Imagine when you’re my Nanna’s age, and your grandchildren ask you about the gay rights movement when you were younger. Ask yourself – do you want to tell your grandchildren that you were on the wrong side of history?”