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Sexual Assault and Consent Survey: The College Tribune conducted a thorough survey of the student populace to understand how they had been affected by sexual harassment, patient and how safe they felt UCD was as a campus. The results revealed that a shocking one in four female students that responded to the survey had been subjected to unwanted sexual contact.
Read the full news report here.

Renua Ireland Keen To Get Students Involved:  Editor Rachel Carey sat down with Renua party member and UCD student Sam O’Connor this week to discuss how the party sees students involved in their future. Read the full piece here.

The Fight For The Conscience Clause Set To Become Heated: Diarmuid Burke reports on the ‘Conscience Clause,’ and how it looks set to heat up the debate surrounding the upcoming marriage equality referendum this May. Read the full piece here.

Standing Up To Sexual Assault: Editor Lauren Tracey examines the increasing appearance of rape culture in Irish universities, as well as discussing the increasing focus on consent campaigns and workshops being run in both the UK and the US. Read the full piece here.

Interview: President Elect Marcus O’Halloran:  Editors Lauren Tracey and Rachel Carey sit down with president-elect Marcus O’Halloran to talk about his controversial election and his plans for the upcoming year. Read the full piece here.