The College Tribune is excited to announce that two new Co-Editors have been chosen to manage the 35th edition of Ireland’s largest independent student newspaper.

Conor Paterson (pictured left) and Manny Choudhry (pictured right) were selected by an adjudication panel of former editors of The College Tribune. The panel praised the high standard of the applicants. The new Editorial team will take over the running of the paper from Co-Editors Stephen Kisbey-Green and Luke Murphy on the 15th of June for the next year.

Pictures of the new tribune coeditors
Conor Patterson (pictured left) and Mahnoor Choudhry (pictured right) are the 35th editorial team of the Tribune.

Manny Choudhry:

The current Deputy News Editor for The College Tribune, Manny is a third-year Law student in UCD. “I want to make the paper more accessible to students and to increase the visibility of the paper on campus,” she said, as well as aiming to make the Tribune a publication that focuses on the students of UCD. “I’m looking forward to helping the paper become more visible, become more creative and become more vivid around campus,” she added.

A veteran student journalist, Manny started writing for the Tribune in second-year and described that decision as “one of the best decisions of [her] life”. Choudhry stated that she was looking forward to working with her Co-Editor Conor Paterson saying; “we both sat on the Editorial Board of the paper, so I know he’s a fantastic person to share the position with and I think we’ll both work really well together.”

Manny described herself as “Your typical law student walking around Sutherland with a boujee coffee, however, I’ve also been a big society hack during my time in college and decided to be a student journalist hack now instead! Now, I’m excited to bring all my personalities together as co-editor next year.”

Conor Paterson

Conor Paterson, the Features Editor for the Tribune, is a third-year PPE student. He is looking to focus the paper on the structural issues which impact students such as on-campus rents and the structural facing students; “We’re at a crossroads for young people in this country and I definitely want the Tribune to be front and centre, covering those issues that really matter to students most.”

Over the next year, Paterson will work closely with incoming Co-Editor Manny Choudhry saying; “I think she’s a really talented news writer and journalist, she has been an integral part of the paper for the last couple of years. I’m very much very excited to work with her more now.” Starting in the Tribune as a Politics writer in his first year of college, Patterson describes himself as “Your typical North Dublin lad minus the ‘going to UCD’ and also everything about me!”

The Current Editorial Team:

Luke Murphy, Co-Editor of The College Tribune spoke on the past year; “We have had a fantastic year, especially given the circumstances [with the pandemic].” He attributed the success of the year as “entirely down to the dedicated team of writers we have been working with this year.”

Speaking on the two incoming Co-Editors, Murphy said, “I’ve got to know both of the new coeditors very well over the last year and I can’t think of two better people for the job this year. I know that they will elevate the Tribune to new levels this year and continue the upward trend of the past few years.”

Hugh Dooley – News Editor