Once again, assignment deadlines are looming and upcoming exams are edging closer and closer. As such, it can be an increasingly stressful and anxiety-induced time of year, but one thing that can make the exam study and conclusion of this semester that bit easier is music. Whether you are studying for an upcoming exam or trying to finish your final essay, below is a compilation of tunes that is sure to ease those pre-exam worries and anxieties. This playlist is sure to be a source of comfort and consolation for when you feel overwhelmed. Happy listening!

  1. A Real Hero College & Electric Youth
  2. Dreams ToniteAlvvays
  3. Intern Angel Olsen 
  4. 456Basht. 
  5. TroubleJoy Crookes 
  6. Eviction NoticeKojaque 
  7. Bumblebees and Blue SkiesLucy McWilliams
  8. How Can I Make It OK?Wolf Alice
  9. RHODODENDRON Hurray For The Riff Raff
  10. Home to YouCat Le Bon

Holly Hunt – Music Correspondent

Featured image credited to Elviss Railijs Bitāns.