A “significant rise” in incidents of “poor behaviour” on campus have been reported in relation to UCD’s yearly ‘Christmas Day’ celebrations, particularly in Student Residences, and towards female faculty members.

Minutes of a meeting recently obtained by The College Tribune have revealed incidents of “poor behaviour” in relation to campus residences and female faculty in classrooms were brought forward at a University Management Team (UMT) meeting on 4th December 2019, attended by UCD’s President, Andrew Deeks and Deputy President and Registrar Mark Rogers.

A spokesperson for UCD has told The College Tribune, “The reference to “poor behaviour” on the last day of term referred to in the minutes is specifically a drunken party that took place in the student residences.” According to the spokesperson, this incident was “reported to residential services and responded to in line with the student code.”

In relation to the “female faculty in classrooms”, UCD’s spokesperson has said, “There are certain standards of behaviour expected of our students. These standards are set out in the Student Code.” No comment was made on what specific incidents of behaviour towards female staff were reported. However, “procedures used by the university to respond to reported breaches of these standards” have reportedly been initiated.

The UCD Student Code outlines that “all members of the University community are expected to act responsibly at all times, to observe and abide by the Regulations of the University.” When a student is alleged to be complicit in such behaviour, “a Registrar or nominee will take steps as soon as is practicable to arrange a meeting with the student and will provide in advance details of the alleged offence (i.e. a preliminary hearing).” This may result in further investigation and/or action.

In the meeting, the UMT is said to have “discussed [measures] to avoid such behaviour in future including the use of CCTV footage”. However, it has not been said exactly where on campus, or when, such measures will be implemented.

As highlighted in the meeting, “poor behaviour” in UCD Student Residences has reportedly become a prominent feature of the day for a number of years. One student, who lived in UCD residence Glenomena in 2018, has told The College Tribune of her experience of such behaviour on UCD Christmas Day. “I heard a group of boys enter the apartment. It was very scary as I wasn’t expecting anyone to enter the apartment.” The group, which had been attending a large, drunken Christmas day party in another apartment in Glenomena, had been heard earlier “kicking holes in the stairwell of the residence”. On entering the apartment, the student “heard a loud noise coming from the kitchen which sounded like a bang and lots of stuff landing on the floor. The group didn’t stay in the apartment very long but did destroy the place… While leaving the apartment they tried to open some bedroom doors which was terrifying.”

Despite the damage, the occupants of the apartment were not made aware of any actions or punishments taken against the perpetrators.

Gemma Farrell, Reporter