Shock and disbelief emanated around social media and the wider world as Jason O’Connor wrote the definitive solution to all racism and discrimination in a 68-part Twitter thread. 

Despite having grown up in a middle-class white family in Ranelagh and having never faced any meaningful discrimination in his life, second-year politics student Jason O’Connor was the man to solve one of the most convoluted and challenging social issues ever to face Western society.

Discussing the revolutionary 68-part thread, O’Connor explained that the inspiration to write the treatise came to him while listening to one of his friends’ vaguely racist rants about international students, ‘be nice… man’ said the 20-year-old genius, “they’re people too bro”.

“We all bleed the same, y’know, I guess I’m just colourblind, I just see people.” “Just because they, like, smell bad and shit, like, doesn’t mean they’re not people too maaaaaan.” This revelation instantly cured the deeply entrenched beliefs held by all in attendance.

The detailed thread began by the now world-renowned genius, Jason O’Connor… “The other day, I was walking on the concourse on the way to UCD’s very own version of ARKbar and I saw the big Students’ Union banner hanging down and had a real shocker of a realisation … they’re all white! So that got me thinking that racism is really bad”

The life-changing revelatory diatribe detailed how inspired by UCD’s recent tone-deaf anti-racism campaign, O’Connor called “on all of humanity to embrace race… maaan.”

‘Obviously, it’s not my fault racism exists, I’ve got black friends, well not exactly friends more like acquaintances… like, we said ‘hi’ on a bus once bro?’

He ended the thread with a link to Imagine by John Lennon.

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