We are creatures of habit. We find comfort in routine, in getting a morning coffee, in seeing that same stranger at the bus stop every morning, in looking forward to a few drinks on a Friday. 

As a college student, I predicted that the normality of my day-to-day life would remain more or less as it was. It seemed even a joyous realisation that I would be able to sleep in, completely guilt-free. However, give or take a couple of days, my spare time became occupied by Netflix and naps, and, so, the boredom began. 

Hence, I decided to make a bucket list: quarantine edition. A bucket list of lots of ordinary things that I always want to do, but never seem to have the time to actually commit. A bucket list of the ordinary. 

Learn a Language

Take this opportunity to improve your language skills. Make this enjoyable by learning through reading, listening to music or a podcast in that language, or through watching a foreign film. Immerse yourself!

Host a Virtual Dinner Party

Instead of all sharing the meal at the same table, invite your friends to order dinner at the same time over a video call and – voila – a virtual dinner party. Pour yourself a drink of choice, melt into the sofa, and enjoy an evening in the company of both your best pals and a decent takeaway. 


Watching things grow invokes a positivity in almost every individual; it has an effect that is both therapeutic and satisfactory. If you don’t have a garden, a sunny windowsill will do just the job. Grow some fresh mint or basil and you have yourself your own little herb garden.

Set yourself a Fitness Challenge

Take a half hour out of your day to practise yoga. Aim to run 10km. Choose a fitness goal you’ll enjoy doing daily. Setting this challenge will both boost your immune system and reduce your stress levels.

Upcycle Your Living Space

Why not treat your living space to a new lick of paint? Add a pop of vibrancy to the walls you are spending more time than ever inside. A simple way to do this is to paint a few plant pots or wine bottles and fill with some fresh flowers. 

Having a quarantine bucket list will hopefully add a bit of excitement to this confinement period. Find comfort in your new routine, for this is a time where we all need the comfort of habit the most.


Sophia Kilroy – Arts & Lifestyle Writer