TY intern James Kelly reviews Gilles Legrand’s latest offering

You will be my son” is a story with a strong sense of place. The main character, for sale Paul, played by, Niels Arestrup, is an obsessive-compulsive wine maker. His son Martin, played by Lorant Deutsch, is a disappointment to his father. Paul regularly humiliates his son and does not believe he has what it takes to take over the family business.

Francois, played by Patrick Chesnais, is Paul’s right hand man. However, he is dying and Paul looks upon this as a problem for business. He starts wooing Francois’ son who is already a successful wine maker while completely disowning his own son, “Martin”.

Writer and director Gilles Legrand does not neglect the details surrounding the daily life in a vineyard. In fact, he manages quite successfully to capture the beauty of them.

Having seen the film, you may notice the similarity between this film and “The Field”, directed by the critically acclaimed “Jim Sheridan”.

Niels Arestrup gives a stunning performance, as does Lorant deusch. This film has a distinctly French atmospheric vibe and offers a surprisingly plausible conclusion.