October is certainly the month for theatre fanatics this time of year, as Dublin Theatre Festival brings some of the very best and new works to the stages of the capital from 28th September -16th October.The program this year is bursting with intriguing pieces, some highlights of which are listed below.

 The Suppliant Women: Directed by Ramin Gray , but written by Aeschylus, The Suppliant Woman was first performed after 470BC. The Play is part of a tetralogy, and tells the story of the Danaids, forced to marry their Egyptian cousins. The play follows their flee from their marriages and journey to Argos in an attempt to gain protection from the marriages. This play has stood the test of time and still resonates with young people today due to its feminist, modern and empowering qualities. The Suppliant Women is in the Gaiety Theatre between the 27th-1st October.

Radio Rosario: Co directed and performed by little John Nee, Radio Rosario tells the story of Valve Hegarty, a man who sings Jingles to make his money. Valve Hegarty wants more than this, and chance stumbling upon the Marconi station is just the thing valve has been longing for. Radio Rosario is sure to be a quirky, heartwarming production.

 The Sin Eaters: Anu theatre group have yet another spectacular production on their hands. Sin eaters were those who ate a ritual meal to absorb the sins of a certain household or deceased person. This play follows the theme of the sin eaters, and puts it into the context of a group of women in small town Ireland. The Sin Eaters uses true events and history to create an eery production that goes between the dreamlike and reality in a modern context. From 28th September-13 October, Pigeon House Lab, Poolbeg.

The Second Violinist: A contemporary opera created by Donnacha Dennehy and Enda Walsh, the Second Violinist follows Martin played by Aaron Monaghan,on his slumped life, single and struggling. However an opera revolves around him with renaissance influences, and cleverly melds stunning visuals to represent Martins feelings and what’s going on in his head, such as video games and nature images. Dennehy and Walsh have already proven their Contemporary operas are good enough, with a great reception from ‘ The Last Hotel’. The second violinist is sure to be an entertaining, excellent twist on an opera and features a 16 piece orchestra to enhance the scene. O’Reilly Theatre, 2nd-8th October.

 Woyzeck in Winter: Woyzeck in Winter is a brilliant and clever fusion of  Georg Bunchers Woyzeck , the 19th century play which was not finished due to his early death and Schuberts Winterreise, a set of 24 songs published in 1828. Both consist of 24 parts and have been forged together to make an outstanding musical play based on Bunchers working class tragedy and focuses on the dehumanising effects of doctors and the military on young men. This play is haunting, murky, and wonderful , and has given life to two unfinished pieces. Gaiety Theatre Oct 3rd-8th.

 I’m Not Here:  ‘She’s going to be doing a duet with her brother’, ‘He’s not here’ ‘He is dead’. This is how we are welcomed to the piece created and performed by Doireann Coady.She makes her debut as an author combining poems, extracts and songs to piece together a beautiful act. Distressing yet enticing, this piece will leave you haunted by its simplicity and wonderful spoken word. Project Arts Centre October  3rd-7th.

Wind Resistance: Composed and performed by Karine Polwart, four time winner of the BBC Radio 2 Folk awards, Wind resistance explores the migration of the pink footed geese from Greenland to Edinburgh. Polwart combines song, folklore, rhyme, memoirs and history to create an enchanting musical theatre work inspired by Scotland. Pavilion Theatre 12th-14th October.

Holly Lloyd – Arts & Events Editor