viagra sale serif;”>Lauren Tracey looks back at designer/artist collaborations, doctor from YSL’s iconic Van Gough collection to Vuittons current work with Yoyoi Kusama.

troche serif;”>There are fashion lovers world over who would proclaim that fashion is art, and never has this sentiment been truer. In the past number of months some of the most highly regarded fashion houses have transformed their runway models into walking installations based on the work of some of their favourite artists. Coach has included a collection of bags based on the works of James Nares, and Louis Vuitton created their most recent collection in collaboration with the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. It seems that fashion houses are literally taking on board the age old idea of artistic expression through their designs.

What has been a hugely anticipated designer/artist collaboration is the Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton collection. Kusama is known for her whimsical, colourful dot motif . Marc Jacobs, co-designer in the collaboration has been quoted as saying “For many people who don’t look at art or go to galleries, or maybe they’re not aware of Kusama’s work, there will be a new venue, a new place to see this work and to come to appreciate it through the eyes of Louis Vuitton.” It appears that Kusama’s influence is already apparent in the work of Jacobs; his new fragrance has been aptly named Dot.

YSL’s art inspired work has always made waves, particularly with their Vincent van Gough inspired collection. He drew inspiration from Van Gogh’s paintings for an exclusive range of jackets and evening gowns. Jacket’s featured play heavily on Van Gogh’s iris and sunflower motifs, and pay homage to the beautifully emotive mystique found in Van Gogh’s art.

YSL was also influenced by Matisse, including colourful fabric leaves in many of his gowns. He also used the same vibrant reds and pinks featured in many Matisse paintings. One of the houses most fames pieces is the Piet Mondrain colour block dress.

We also have contemporary artist Rob Pruitt lending a hand at Jimmy Choo, designing a collection of sexy pumps and quirky flats. The line focuses heavily on celebrity and pop culture, and includes neon pinks, zebra skins and sprinkles decorating the shoes. While the designs are new and fresh there are still elements of Choo’s classic shapes in the edged heels and feminine cuts. 

Handbag designers Coach have also teamed up with painter James Nares, and have featured five of his brushstroke paintings printed onto Italian leather totes.

Art has always had its influences on fashion, but not sine the 60’s and 70’s has fashion been so focused on art. The designers are exploring the depths of the their own creativity, and combining it with that of and the results are wonderful. Over the next number of months we are sure to see a increase in the amount of designers following suit, and are sure to have a wide variety of art world collaborators to choose from.