VSN is a DJ and producer collective from Galway, Ireland managed by Cóilí Collins (Shampain). The collective put on famed events across Galway, which has turned the student filled city into one of Europe’s major exports of techno and dance music.

This Friday, the collective are gearing up to release ‘VSN 4 a better world’. The project is a collaborative effort bringing together big names from the techno world such as ‘KETTAMA’, ‘Mall Grab,’ and ‘X Club’.

However, what makes this collective tape unique is that 100% of the profits are going towards the Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) charity based in Dublin. Speaking on the VSN website, Shampain expressed what the release is all about.

“VSN WORLD 4 A BETTER WORLD wouldn’t have been at all possible without the contributions from all our esteemed producers that provided the tracks everyone’s raging about at the minute.

Music is all fun and games (to some) but to others it’s a livelihood and a coping mechanism. The cruel nature of the pandemic has unfortunately hit the music community unprecedentedly harder than most other industries. With that being said, everyone was more than willing to help out and contribute to something that was about much more than release schedules and media campaigns, but the greater good and helping those less fortunate than us, even if we may not feel at all like a terribly fortunate bunch at the minute.”

The mixtape features 32 tracks from 32 different artists and will be released on Friday March 5th. The link to buy the tape and support ICHH is here.

Luke Murphy, Co-Editor.