For the remainder of the spring trimester, University College Dublin Students Union (UCDSU) Education Officer role will be fulfilled by Ruairi Power, Carla Gummerson, and SU President Conor Anderson. This is as a result of Education Officer Hannah Bryson being on sick leave, and not being available for return until after the semester.

A spokesperson from the UCDSU revealed to The College Tribune how The Union is planning on dealing with Bryson’s absence for the remainder of the year: “Hannah is on sick leave and is not expected to return by the end of term. Students can now avail of education-related assistance from Carla, Conor or Ruairí who are trained to support student cases and have access to all handover documentation for the Education Officer role. All emails that are sent to Hannah’s email are being monitored and assigned to a relevant team member.”

The change is to be announced to the SU council on March 29th, three days before election voting begins. The College Tribune asked Power, Gummerson and Anderson how they feel about taking on the role for the end of the semester:

UCDSU Sabbatical Officer’s Reaction

President Conor Anderson told The College Tribune that “It is not an ideal situation” but Is confident that “between myself, Ruairí and Carla, we can handle the caseload that would normally have been the Education Officer’s remit.” Carla Gummerson echoed Anderson’s message, stating “I feel my role overlaps with [Education Officer] a lot, so I have the knowledge to guide and support students at an undergraduate level.”

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Finally, C&E officer Ruairi Power has started working on the role, telling The Tribune that he has been “working with the library services team and estates services. I have secured weekend study spaces in Building 71 on Sundays, and we are confident that a significant increase in library opening hours both in the James Joyce Library and Blackrock library will be announced in the near future.”

The announcement comes just days before UCDSU elections begin, with only the presidents race being contested this year.

Luke Murphy – Co-Editor