UCD Students’ Union has launched a campaign to promote ‘Rent A Room Scheme.’ This campaign aims to improve the uptake of UCD students into homes in the surrounding areas. Due to high rent costs and an ongoing housing crisis, UCD students require affordable and commutable places to live in. The Rent A Room scheme aims to encourage homeowners to rent a room in their house, subsequently earning up to €14,000 per year tax free. 

In a press statement on Thursday 26th September, Katie O’Dea, UCDSU Campaigns & Engagement Officer, said ‘UCD is in the highest rent pressure zone in the country which means that many students find it difficult to find affordable accommodation. Renting a room from a homeowner or ‘digs’ is the most affordable option in this area but we still do not have enough beds for all of our students.’

rent a room scheme

She went on to explain: ‘Every day since the beginning of term, students are telling us that they cannot find a bed in commutable distance of UCD. […] Students urgently need a place to stay and homeowners can earn up to €14,000 tax free income if they rent out a spare room (or two!) in their house.’

O’Dea concluded: ‘We will be flyering in main centres nearby UCD at weekends and dropping leaflets into homes along the 46a, 145 and 39a bus routes in the coming weeks to promote the scheme to homeowners and hopefully we will find more beds for students who are still struggling.’


Conor Capplis – Editor