The University College Dublin (UCD) Students’ Union have updated their website going into the summer. The renovation was prompted by their desire to “reflect the energy and passion of the SU.” However, based on the Tribune’s latest Instagram poll, the majority of students dislike the new look.

The new website is designed and operated by the UCDSU staff (Art Director and Digital Marketing Coordinator). A spokesperson for the SU told The College Tribune: “This allows the website to be run entirely by the Student Union opposed to being run externally, costing the SU a total of €35 per month (€420 per year).” 

When The College Tribune reached out for comments on the website, students have pointed out issues with the design and efficiency, with a majority disliking the new site.

UCD student Aaron has said that the “harsh contrast incorporated in the design (illuminous green on white) makes it difficult to find information efficiently”. Student Dawid told us that it has not been made “explicitly clear how to navigate the website which goes against the nature of an easily accessible student website. Further to this, one student labelled it “slow and way over the top.” The SU website has come under fire despite their aim to offer a “more appropriate, interactive, and accessible webpage for students.”

Despite the SU’s confidence in the website, 67% of responders to the Tribune poll dislike the new layout and design of the website.

While students may not like the new interface of the website, the SU have stated that this is “only the early stages of re-development.” This summer they are hoping to add a digital and interactive student handbook along with a “preparation for the new year” section to the site, allowing students to pre-order their required materials such as lab coats and tech equipment. 

There is also the aim to create a virtual office which will allow students to directly communicate with the SU, aiming to achieve a more tangible and real availability online. 

Going forward, it remains to be seen whether the SU will look to the student body for feedback when undertaking new ways of virtual communication.


Casey Conway – Reporter