Nineteen year old UCD student Katie O’Carroll was involved in a hit and run incident with a taxi outside of Merville Residences on the night of the 31st of October.

O’Carroll, who studies veterinary nursing, told the College Tribune that she stepped out slightly onto the road in order to catch the attention of the taxi driver who was entering from the Owenstown Park direction. When the driver failed to slow down , she “kept [her] thumb out, running backwards to persuade him to stop.” As it became evident that the taxi was not stopping, O’Carroll gave up and turned her back on the approaching vehicle when she was struck by it.

The travelling car hit O’Carroll in the back and “didn’t make any effort to slow down.” She attempted to run with the car but was unable to keep up and was pushed onto the bonnet of the vehicle. The second year student states that the driver continued on for a few feet before breaking. At that stage, she slid off of the bonnet and “without stopping, he swerved around [her] and drove on.”


Security brought O’Carroll to the Merville Office where a female Residential Assistant looked at her injuries and the Gardaí were informed of the incident and called to the scene. Witnesses told the Gardaí the registration number they believed was on the taxi; however, it did not match up with any of the registration numbers on record. The Gardaí are treating the situation as a hit and run. No official statement has been made by the university at the time of going to press.

O’Carroll was brought to Accident and Emergency that night and it was confirmed that no bones had been broken. She has a large graze on her thigh which was bandaged due to continued bleeding; she is also recovering from other grazes and multiple bruising and swelling. She told the Tribune that she believes she is “very lucky … The whole thing could have been a lot more sinister.” and she greatly appreciated the work of the staff in Merville Residences. Throughout the experience O’Carroll was dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, complete with the iconic red pumps and basket.

Witnesses and O’Carroll have stated that the car was a black Toyota Corolla. If anyone was present on the night and believes that they have the correct registration number of the car, they are encouraged to inform the Gardaí.                                              Conor Fox