Professor Dolores Cahill of University College Dublin (UCD) has recently posted an event on Facebook that appears to promote a gathering in Herbert Park, Donnybrook on St Patrick’s Day. The event labelled ‘Le Chéile Day’ is described as an event “For your mental Health’ and for ‘Families Supporting Families’.

At the time of writing, there are 146 people who have confirmed their attendance for the event on Facebook. The event would be deemed a ‘Mass Gathering’ under the current Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

The first reference to this event was during Cahills appearance on ‘The Tenpenny Files’ Podcast on February 23rd. Cahill told the host that she is “Planning a special event in Dublin on St Patrick’s day” and “would love to meet you there”.

This announcement has been followed up by a YouTube video with the same title as the event, profiling people whose mental health has been affected by the lockdown. Cahill also appeared in a Facebook clip posted by Tracey O’ Mahony, further promoting the event in question.

The promotional video for Le Chéile, stating the date and location of Cahill’s Gathering.

The College Tribune contacted Professor Cahill, inquiring further about the event, and asking if and how this will impact her job as a module co-ordinator for first year module ‘Science, Medicine, and Society’. She has yet to respond.

The Tribune further contacted UCD and An Garda Siochana on the matter. UCD have yet to respond.

However, An Garda have told The Tribune that: “Where [they] can identify potential organisers of such events, gardai will engage and advise organisers to the current Public Health Regulations.” They further stated that “Where Gardai find potential breaches of public health regulations, a file is prepared for the DPP…or a fixed payment notice is issued where appropriate.”

An Garda Siochana have further announced a “significant policing operation” will be in place to curb “multiple protest events.”

Dolores Cahill has been no stranger to headlines in recent times, as her formation of the world freedom alliance and alleged legal action against the BBC has put the spotlight back on her.

Luke Murphy, Co-Editor