UCD’s Philosophy Society has hosted a lecture by prominent philosopher Professor Richard Swinburne. The lec­ture took place on the 4th of February in Theatre O of the Newman building where Professor Swinburne addressed the UCD School of Philosophy and UCD students.

A veritable giant of contem­porary Philosophy, viagra Swinburne is a re­ligious philosopher who argues mainly for the existence of God and the soul. The Emeritus Nolloth Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion for the University of Oxford, check Professor Swinburne has worked on philosophical questions for over fifty years

The lecture saw a large turnout, especially regarding Philosophy’s small society status in UCD. After speaking for an hour on the existence of the soul, Swinburne dealt with questions from attendees drawing the lecture to a close.

The College Tribune spoke with one Committee member of the Philosophy society to find out more about this event. “Of course we’re de­lighted with how things turned out. People seemed to be scratching their heads on the way out, which is what we usually like to see with our events. Coffee mornings and informal debates are always great, but it’s fantastic when we’re able to host such prolific speak­ers that draw real attention”.

Another committee member, Daniel Flynn, was also pleased by the results of the event. “The Lecture was a great success, both for the society and in general. We were very pleased to see that the events topic not only brought many society members in attendance, but also sparked lots of curiosity and enlightened discussion.”

This event is one of many host­ed by the Philosophy society this year, others including a debates between the Israeli and Palestinian ambassadors to Ireland, as well as the head of advocacy group Atheism Ireland and an expert in Hinduism. Future events will include another famous contemporary philoso­pher, Professor Norman Finkelstein on the 10th of February addressing the fu­ture of Palestine.