Recycling bins for old duvets have appeared around UCD residences in the last number of days. UCD Estate Services have launched the move in a bid to cut down on waste from people moving out of the residences at the end of the winter and summer terms. Students who have duvets deemed suitable for reuse can drop the duvets into the recycling points where they will be donated to charitySpeaking to the Tribune about the initiative, UCDSU President Barry Murphy said it was something “that UCD students have been trying to make happen for awhile now”.

“Many of us have witnessed the huge level of waste left behind as students leave Residences every May. Perfectly good duvets, pillows and kitchen utensils are thrown away, having only been used for a number of months. It’s with this in mind that I began discussions with UCD Estate services and UCD Residences about the issue at the beginning of the year. I aimed to have the duvet recycling/donation system in place along with an outlet to collect and store perfectly usable pots and pans and other kitchen utensils. I had planned this for May 2018. In recent weeks though I realised that many Erasmus students finish in UCD this semester and so move out of campus accommodation. It makes sense to trial the collection system now before the mass exodus in May.”

“I would hope the provision of the bins this week, to allow the donation of duvets and pillows, reduces the waste. It’ll hopefully get people thinking about recycling and the ridiculousness of dumping such items.” he added.

The duvets will be donated to animal shelters and dog pounds where they will provide bedding for sick and abandoned animals. If you want to donate a duvet, look for a recycling point around the residences. If you wish to get involved with the scheme email or

Rachel O’Neill – Editor