The Director of UCD Global, Dr. Douglas Proctor, has emailed UCD students currently studying abroad, issuing a number of recommendations in response to the government’s decision to shut colleges and schools until March 29th to combat the spread of COVID-19. Earlier today, UCD President Andrew Deeks informed students that “all overseas travel is suspended until further notice and UCD Global will be in touch with students who are currently overseas.”

In a press conference earlier today in Washington DC, Varadkar made a statement saying: “From 6pm today, the following measures are being put in place, and they will stay in place until the 29th of March: Schools, colleges and childcare facilities will close from tomorrow. Where possible, teaching will be done online or remotely.”

UCD Global’s Dr. Proctor issued the following advice to overseas students, allowing for students to act based on their host colleges and universities: 

“If your host institution is open and classes are running, UCD recommends that you continue your studies as planned.”

“If your host institution closes and offers the facility to study remotely (for example, via online learning), please continue your studies, ensuring that you are in a safe location, either in Ireland, in your host country or in a third location.”

“If your host institution closes and does not allow for remote study, please contact UCD Global or your School/College contact for guidance on next steps.”

Dr. Proctor also expressed concern for the health and academic wellbeing of overseas students: “As a UCD student currently abroad, your safety and welfare is paramount. […] Regardless of your circumstances, I’m keen to reassure you that we will endeavour to ensure that your academic progress will not be hindered.”

In a statement earlier today, University President Andrew Deeks announced that “from 23 March, (end of fieldwork/study period) through to the end of the academic year, we will be adopting an at-distance teaching and learning model for all undergraduate and taught masters students.” UCD Global’s actions act in parallel to the University’s emerging plan to move education and assessment online for the remainder of the academic year. 

UCD’s Library and Student Centre will remain open, UCD Residences will also remain open. The Students’ Union Officesand the Students’ Union Shops will close along with the University during this period. 

The Taoiseach also stated in his announcement: “Our advice is that all indoor mass gatherings of more than 100 people and outdoor mass gatherings of more than 500 people should be cancelled. You need to continue to go to work if you can, but where possible you should work from home.”

More to follow…


Conor Capplis – Editor