The Irish Beauty industry is constantly  changing and developing with thanks to influences from southern Europe and places as far afield as the USA.

When we think ‘Beauty’ we think hair, rx nails, make-up and general cosmetics. However, beauty can range from a shape to even a smell that pleases the senses of the individual.

This winter a particular trending Irish beauis a simple colour we females have probably been wearing since the day we were born.

It ranges in it’s availability in dusky paler shades to a rather loud feminine roar. It’s that forever contemporary pink.
Where would we be without it? It’s plain yet pleasing and simple yet selected with the varieties of what’s in store this year. Whether it’s a nude throw over-coat you’re looking for or a leather party dress, you’ll find it in pink! They always said ‘pink to make the boys wink’, well they must be right if we’re still wearing it in Winter 2013!