Aoife Ellis Bagnall interviews the brilliantly named Trapped In A Cabin…

Before interviewing Trapped In A Cabin, patient I had an idea of how it was going to go, having seen them play live in small spit-on-the-floor venues several times before. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I had the pleasure of being joined by Paul Cashell (vocals and guitar) and Eoin McCague (guitar and women). Not present was drummer and “rock of the band,” Sarah Stapleton but she was certainly there in spirit as the male members described her role with fondness. After a few minutes of chatting idly, I was informed of the band’s formation. Eoin spoke of how he didn’t always like Paul (because of his glasses) but went on to explain how Paul’s love of Queens of the Stone Age and enforcement of it was the spark that would lead to the creation of their suit-wearing, tree-house inhabiting band. I was also informed of the band’s marketing techniques and influence. The name (which you have to admit is intriguing) was chosen in order to get a leg-up on “better” bands. They argued that a better name makes all the difference. To quote Mr. Cashell: “we may not have a great music ability, but damn it, we’ll never change our name.”

Originally intended to be a QOTSA style band, it moved in a different direction. Instead, the White Stripes became big players in TIAC’s music as can be heard in their song I Like You Better Without Your Beretta. The moody, I-never-really-liked-you-anyway vibe to their lyrics and melodies are reminiscent of I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself as it goes from apathetic to a loud, angry, energetic end. Other influences include jazz and blues, which would explain their donning of suits on stage (which was also pointed out to be yet another marketing technique. They may not be the best, but they certainly dress the best).

Having played a good few support gigs and recorded a few rough demos since their birth as a band, I asked what was next for the trio. An EP is definitely on the cards – all that stands in their way is actually getting around to doing it and trying not to fail college at the same time (and trying not to get diabetes). More girls was another thing they wanted from the band. As Eoin admitted, as a frijit, he needs the band to work out.

All in all, they were an absolute delight to interview. It was refreshing to talk to a genuinely talented band that didn’t take themselves too seriously and were extremely funny and friendly. I wish them all the best with their music and plans to create a barber shop specifically for pubic hair. I would strongly suggest keeping an eye on the terrific three that are Trapped In A Cabin.