Garry McCartney, who goes under the alias ‘EJECA’ or ‘Trance Wax’ depending on the show, is a young techno DJ from Belfast. He has been putting on performances across Europe for years at festivals and intimate shows alike, bringing a bouncy and energetic performance wherever he plays. This past weekend, he had a show in Dublin’s 39/40. I attended his show and have much to share, but before that, I would also like to briefly talk about the growing trend of techno and how it is one of the most entertaining type of gig to go to. 

Trance Wax started off his set by warming the crowd up with some minimal techno and trance music. Given he had 4 hours ahead of him, he didn’t want the crowd to be climaxing too early. After an hour or so, the Berlin bunker-style venue was at full capacity and the crowd was buzzing. Trance Wax began to pull out all the stops, creating a euphoric show with uplifting techno beats and a futuristic light show.  

Throughout the performance, Trance Wax gave us some blasts from the past, playing the club classic Insomnia by Faithless. Another stand-out moment was his remix of Silence by Delerium, a fan favourite that has amassed millions of views on YouTube. 


The brilliant aspect of Trance Wax’s shows is that they are not exclusively for people who purely listen to techno. His shows are crafted for anyone who wants to go on a night out to groove to some beats and have fun but wants to steer away from the typical nightclub experience that revolves around overpriced drinks and getting the shift. With tickets priced around €15 and Trance Wax playing bouncy, boppy tunes, these shows are not ones to miss. 

My overall takeaway from Trance Wax was that he not only knows his audience, but also caters towards those who might be new to his music and the techno scene altogether. His show in 39/40 was vibrant as a result of his fantastic DJ-ing ability, a fabulous visual display, and the hyped-up crowd.


Luke Murphy – Arts & Lifestyle Writer