TY intern James Kelly reviews the latest King Killer installment

and serif;”>Patrick Rothfuss returns, viagra to the delight of many of his loyal fans, with the second book of the “King Killer” trilogy. Fans know better than most the wait that must be endured for s work, as he dedicates a huge amount of time and effort to each book.

The Wise Man’s Fear” kicks off just were the first book left off and is just as appealing in every way. The first serves as a form of introduction for the second book, where the main character “Kvothe” faces the challenges that make him a legend.

This book is very eventful and Rothfuss goes into quite an amount of detail regarding each event. However, this has the slight disadvantage of making it quite a long read at almost a thousand pages. This does not alter the fact that it is a fast paced, compelling read.

Rothfuss makes the mistake of re-introducing the infuriating Denna which does nothing but annoy the reader and he would do well to have as little as possible of her in third installment of the trilogy.

This book certainly isn’t lacking variety as “Kvothe”ventures across a vast area, visiting new characters and learning many new trades.

I wouldn’t limit this book to fantasy lovers as it doesn’t strictly follow the safe rules that most fantasy authors follow. If you enjoyed the first book in this series, I’m sure this riveting read will not disappoint.


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