The College Tribune is excited to announce that two new Editors have been chosen to manage the 36th edition of Ireland’s largest independent student newspaper.

Danielle DerGarabedian (pictured left) and Rhoen Eate (pictured right) were selected by an adjudication panel of former editors of The College Tribune. The new Editorial team will take over the running of the paper from Co-Editors Conor Paterson and Manny Choudhry at the end of June for the next year.

Danielle DerGarabedian:

Danielle is currently the Politics Editor at the College Tribune. She has just completed a Law with Politics degree at UCD and will graduate in September. The student journalist says that “excited isn’t even the word” to encapsulate her feelings about her upcoming tenure as Editor. DerGarabedian is looking forward to working with her Deputy Editor, Rhoen Eate, and explained that she wants to make the year “truly unique” to herself and Rhoen and “can’t wait” to leave her own mark on UCD.

This year, Danielle hopes to make the College Tribune feel like a community. She explained “I think we’ve built up such a great reputation in the last three decades and now it’s about reinvigorating student participation through exciting ideas that will make not only our digital presence but also our print issues feel even more relatable to the student population.”

DerGarabedian believes that her time as the Secretary of ArabSoc has prepared her to establish a social aspect to the Tribune. She hopes to build a community of student journalists on campus by recruiting more writers and through social events. 

Rhoen Eate:

Rhoen Eate is a third year student studying Physics with Astronomy and Space Science. She is currently the Features Editor for the College Tribune. 

Speaking about her recent appointment Eate said that she is excited to work with Danielle as they “bounce off each other” well. The pair both sat on the Editorial Board of the paper this year and Eate believes that this will work to their advantage as they are familiar with each other’s writing and decision making processes. 

The new Deputy Editor echoed DerGarabedian’s ambitions to build a stronger community within the paper and is looking forward to organising events. 

The Current Editorial Team:

Reflecting on their year as Co-Editors, Manny Choudhry and Conor Paterson said “The Tribune has had a fantastic year with students returning to campus. We’ve had the pleasure of reporting on life getting back to normal and now we are thrilled to be handling over the editorial role to Danielle and Rhoen, who are both extremely experienced and capable.”

The pair continued by stating that running the College Tribune has been the highlight of their time at UCD and that they are grateful for the all work they were able to do. They concluded “We have full faith that the 36th volume under Danielle and Rhoen will live up to the long standing legacy of the Tribune and our award-winning student journalism.”

Emma Hanrahan – Deputy News Editor