From volleyball taekwondo, the return of the UCD Sports Expo brings with it the opportunity for students to explore the diverse sporting options available on campus. I could use this article to list the more than fifty clubs set to be represented at the Sports Expo and what makes these clubs individually appealing, however, that would make for an awfully long read and defeat the point of this event.

Instead, I would like to encourage all UCD students, incoming and continuing, to attend the Sports Expo and give a sports club a try. Whether you have played a sport your entire life or whether you have yet to set foot on a pitch, court or track, there are levels in all clubs to facilitate your skill level. UCD is a university steeped in sporting history, our most notable former sporting stars include Brian O’Driscoll and Derval O’Rourke. Widely considered Ireland’s greatest sporting university, UCD teams have continued to enjoy national success across several events. The Expo presents the first step to achieving your athletic dreams.

While offering students the chance to compete at the highest level of their chosen discipline, sports clubs also represent a social gateway within the university. Clubs are a fantastic way to meet likeminded people with similar hobbies and interests, with clubs offering regular social gatherings for their members. It can be particularly difficult for incoming students to make friends on campus, the Sports Expo provides a platform to allow our new students to do so.

The Sports Expo is scheduled to take place in Hall B of the Sports Centre, running from 10am until 5pm on the 19th of September through to the 22nd and from 10am until 2pm on the 23rd, UCD Sport has confirmed. If you cannot make the event in person, or would simply rather get involved via the comfort of your own bed, UCD Sport provides the option of the Virtual Sports Expo which can be accessed on their website. Being an annual event, the Expo provides clubs with their best opportunity to recruit members for the academic year, so be sure to make the journey past the O’Brien Centre to check it out.

Dara-Smith Naughton – Sports Editor