ask serif;”>Foster the People – Call It What You Want


hospital serif;”>Following on from the massive success of their debut single “Pumped up Kicks”, it seems no surprise that Foster the People have chosen to release another catchy up-tempo track as their next single. The song begins with a unique rhythmic intro that could easily become a trademark characteristic for the band. However it is the chorus that makes this song great and it isn’t difficult to imagine indie fans singing along to it at many a house-party in the future.

Lenny Kravitz – Push


The legendary American rocker has returned from a supporting tour with U2 and released a critically acclaimed album Black and White America. The third single from the album ‘Push’ differs from the usual trademark guitar based songs by Kravitz in that it incorporates many Jazz and Funk elements. The song is marvellous due to the fact it contains an alluring melody along with some up-beat and harmonious vocals.


The Black Keys – Lonely Boy


Aside from the songs hilariously brilliant video that has developed almost a cult following, the talented duos latest single is easily up there along with the best tracks of the year. The bands bluesy beat and crisp vocals along with the raw energy of the track makes it nearly impossible to stop yourself from hitting the replay button. This track cements The Black Keys as one of the most distinctive and creative bands around today.

The Drums – How It Ended


The penultimate piece from the Drums’ second album Portamento offers a blend of raw bass lines mixed along with some soaring synthesizers. The lyrics are elegantly composed to deal with the themes of rejection and longing, whilst frontman Johnny Pierce delivers some enchanting vocals. It is easy to see why this track is quickly becoming a fan favourite. 



Thomas Cullen