decease serif;”>Bombay Bicycle Club – Video Games (Lana Del Rey Cover – Radio 1 Live Lounge)

sickness serif;”>When the words ‘Live Lounge’ and ‘Bombay Bicycle Club’ come to together, and you know you’re in for a treat, and this cover certainly delivers. Taking Del Rey’s husky-voiced, nostalgia-ridden ballad, the boys (plus Lucy Rose) make it their own with cresending drums entwined with their trademark enchating harmonies. Better then the original? With that xylophone; perhaps.

Nightbox – Bears

Born and bred in Wicklow, these Irish fellows have been spending the last year making their name in Toronto. Spreading their musical wings in the same land that produced Bieber himself, this fiercly trendy and endearingly funk-filled tune, threatening to get you up and throwing the shapes, makes you hope they’ll come back again soon, before Usher gets a hold of them.

Lady Gaga – You and I (Wild Beasts Remix)

While the opening of this song does certainly sound like an interlude of one of Gaga’s concerts, everything changes with the inclusion of Wild Beasts’ frontman Hayden Thorpe’s tinkling piano notes. Stripped of the country-western twang, Gaga as a man and repetitive verses; Thorpe takes the points where her vocals are really something special and turns it into a hazy, moody and all round chilled delight.

Jessie Ware – Strangest Feeling

Rising from the underground, you might be more acquainted with this girl than you know; having provided the vocals for ‘post-dubstep’ producer SBTRKT’s track ‘Nervous’. Breaking away from the masked DJ sees her fully embracing her amazing vocals. Over drumbeats her voice is like syrup, flowing from one word to another and as the synthesizer leads the way to the end, you find yourself already clicking back to the start for another listen.

Rebekah Rennick