UCD students will have an opportunity to benefit from the philanthropic spirit of the late George Moore through the George Moore Scholars Programme, an exciting opportunity for ambitious, high-flying UCD students, who have completed their primary degree in 2020 or expect to complete it in 2021. There is a fund of up to €1.4million to fully finance postgraduate scholarships to the US or elsewhere in 2021. The closing date for completed applications is 12th December 2020.

Moore began studying the BComm at UCD in 1969 and completed an MBS in Marketing at UCD. He became an extraordinarily successful businessman in the United States and is widely regarded as one of the founding fathers of the data analytics industry. His entrepreneurial spirit saw him set up his own business, National Decision Systems and later became Executive Vice-President of Equifax following its acquisition of NDS.

Along with Jim Schaffer, he co-founded TARGUSinfo in 1993, which was sold in 2011 to Neustar. As Managing Partner of Ravensdale Capital LLC, Moore was a tireless supporter of entrepreneurship. Moore’s stunning success stateside is a reminder to UCD students today what can be achieved with hard work, ambition, determination, and courage. The Moore family has also been major funders of the state-of-the-art Moore Centre for Business and as contributors to the UCD Science Centre.

Moore earned his way to a doctorate in the US in George Washington University through a scholarship from the ‘Friendly Sons of St Patrick’. His wife, Angela said that she is hoping to give students similar opportunities now. “I wanted to be able to give that opportunity to students today. It includes costs to get there, cost to go to university and stipend to live on,” Moore said

Pictured are President of UCD Professor Andrew Deeks and Angela Moore, Founding Donor UCD Moore Centre for Business. Picture by Shane O’Neill, SON Photographic.

Moore also pointed out that STEM subjects are preferable. “With the programme, there are zero strings attached. Here you go, you have got a chance, go for it and have a great life,” she added. “You only need so much money to live on. Giving while living, that is important.”

“I think UCD grow entrepreneurs,” Moore said. She points to the influence of Dr John Teeling, a former UCD lecturer who, upon returning from completing his doctorate at Harvard, encouraged her late husband to travel to the United States, prophetically forecasting the success he would earn across the pond.

As a board member of Women in Business and through her roles as Managing Director of Ravensdale Capital Investments and Macha Capital Partners, Moore is ideally placed to speak about the gender balance gap. “Just do it and if there is a glass ceiling, start looking for another job,” Moore said. “Go with forward-thinking companies. Speak up; your voice has to be heard. Take a deep breath and go for it.”

Ruairi McCormack – Business Writer