Niamh Kelly discusses the equally ridiculous and fabulous lives of fashion’s new favourite brothers (and supermodel progeny), Peter & Harry Brant.

Paris and Nikki, Kendall and Kylie, Petra and Tamara; All sisters who have climbed their way to the top of the social ladder and held on, conquering the close knit, elite inner circles of the wealthy, as well as earning themselves a multitude of endorsements, magazine covers , and their desperately longed for fame. Nonetheless our favourite ‘it people’ eventually fall to the side line, being replaced by new ,younger, more fascinating wealthy up and comers.

Peter and Harry Brant are the new ‘It Boys’ of New York City. Step aside girls, it’s the boys turn, and they’re not going to back down any time soon. Peter, 19, and Harry, 16, are the sons of billionaire publisher, Peter Brant Sr. and supermodel Stephanie Seymour. With wealth, stature and cheekbones that could give their mother a run for her money, the two boys have earned a name for themselves as charming and fashionable socialites. The New York Times highlighted their influence in its coveted style section, and Vanity Fair shone a further spotlight on the two with a three-page spread.

Peter and Harry live the life of your stereotypical socialite going from one fashion show to the next, then on to one of many charity balls and benefits. Wherever they are the boys make time to tweet their impressive 70,000 twitter followers, attracted by the pairs quick wit and insider fashion knowledge.

For the foreseeable future, the boys will carry on living their privileged lives, drama-filled of course. “I feel like I’m in a bad episode of Gossip Girl” says Peter, 19. One of the boys ridiculous and glamorous stories takes place on a private island in the Bahamas; they were relaxing on a raft with Naomi Campbell when the rope connecting it to the shore broke, the trio drifted out to sea, only noticing when they thought to get water from the cooler. Peter, Harry and Naomi had to be towed back into the beach. More Gossip Girl style drama arose at the annual Met Ball, when the boy’s tickets to the event were compromised and their hopes to make an entrance with a baby panther and a gold plated Rolls Royce were lost.

However amongst all the commotion, fashion will always be the most important thing to the Brant boys. They’ve already written various articles for Fashionista, giving an insider’s view of the front row experience at some of the most anticipated shows in the business, including Marc Jacobs, Versace and Alexander Wang. Peter Jr. also played a small role in Dasha Zhukova’s silent film, “Fashion Fetish” alongside Derek Blasberg and Chloe Sevigny. Peter and Harry Brant, the new ‘It Boys’ of NYC, are certainly ready to make their mark. With such flamboyant, extraordinary and enviable lives, all at the ages of 19 and 16, the Brant brothers are here to stay.