Has there ever been an item so suitably named as The Boyfriend Coat? At the rate the female population of the world is falling in love, recipe it definitely doesn’t seem like it. This iconic piece became a must-have when women were entering the workforce. Inspired by the men’s suits, store women wore power outfits to look ultra-professional. Over time the jacket has evolved, the hemline went from the knee to just below the hip, the neckline got lower and the fit became more feminine. The piece is the most versatile one on offer, second only, perhaps,  to the Little Black Dress.

In modern fashion, the most flattering and popular silhouette for casual wear is a skinny leg and oversized top. This is for a very good reason, as it achieves the easy, breezy, effortless glam we all yearn for. The boyfriend jacket is currently the most sought after contender to complete this look. The cropped sleeves, baggy shape and the desired woolly fabric hang over the figure flawlessly, and never cease to compliment a distressed skinny jean. As an added bonus, the secret quality of the length is that the jacket covers the hips and derrière, leaving only the nicest part of the leg on show and hiding any knicker-lines for those legging-lovers!

On the other hand, if you prefer a more tomboy-inspired look for your casual life, the versatility of this jacket triumphs once more. Think of a pose with one hand on the hip, the coat held back, the other hand loose at your side and your knees relaxed. The boyfriend blazer flows seamlessly from pretty cami tops to graphic tees. Pair this with vintage mom jeans to achieve the same flattery as the previous look, but with your own twist! For the ultimate laid-back ensemble, ribbon-laced white converse add a feminine and yet simple, casual touch.

When it comes to partying, the boyfriend coat is just as valuable. Long gone are the days when a night out meant chattering your teeth off in the cold. As we grow up, we realise that we look most sophisticated when we look relaxed and comfortable. Bringing a coat out with you creates an alluring look of maturity. On another positive note, this jacket will only ever add to your outfit. The low neckline makes it perfect for showing off the statement necklace trend, and the hemline stays in classic harmony with the length of most dresses – not too long or too short. For maximum elegance, try out some super sexy stilettos. This look is all about glamour.

When heading off to the workplace, or even just trying to make the perfect first impression as an intern, take a moment to praise women in history for giving you this ultra-reliable garment. This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of style and vintage culture. The tailored look of this jacket is absolutely heavenly when paired with cigarette pants for a modern take on the classic power suit. For a more feminine finish, try a high-waist pencil skirt. With your most comfy heels and an ever-flattering sheer blouse, your life as a working woman will incorporate fashion, sophistication and professionalism.

The reasons for The Boyfriend Coat’s climb back to the top of everyone’s fashion fantasies are endless. The plunging vertical neckline is extremely slimming, as is the single button at its close. It draws attention to the waist in a wonderful way. Any savvy shopper knows that with the right basics and style-staples, any look can be achieved without a dramatic amount of clothes, and this jacket fits the bill. If only Rebecca from Confessions of a Shopaholic had read the Tribune!

by Emily Kielthy