I began using the Huawei P Smart phone about a month ago. I have really enjoyed using it and it has many useful and exciting features, which you get to read about!

To start, the design of the P Smart is elegant and efficient. The Huawei P Smart exterior is a shiny black with a stylish metallic body. It has an edge to edge 18:9 screen which means it is wide enough to properly enjoy everything it displays, without being too big for most people to hold comfortably. It has an ultra-thin industrial design with an ultralight build at only 165g. This means it fits in your pocket, and is easy to carry around.

The performance of the P Smart is speedy enough to cope with everything I throw at it. It features an EMUI 8.0 platform together with Android™ 8.0 Oreo which ensures an optimum experience, and has improved system optimisation compared to older models. It is compatible with a number of networks including Three, Eir, and Vodafone which means that you don’t have to switch network to buy the phone.

The P Smart has a long lasting 3000mAh battery. Practically, this is an excellent battery life, I was able to watch Netflix all day on the phone without it dying. I also found that the phone charges quite quickly.

The P Smart has 3GB RAM and 32GB Internal Storage as well as the capacity to hold an SD Card with up to 256 GB. I was able to download all the apps I want, download all my Spotify music, keep all the pictures and videos I have taken over the years while still having enough space to download new apps and take new photos as they become relevant. It means that you don’t have to constantly clear memory on your apps, and delete pictures and music, just to allow your phone to function, one of my pet peeves.

The P Smart has a High Spec 13MP and 2MP Dual Camera featuring wide aperture effects (f.095-f1.6). The Dual Camera ensures a shallow depth of field. The P Smart also has one of the capacity which iPhone users have been lauding over us android folk for a while now – the capability to take moving pictures! The phone also has a comprehensible suite of photo editing software and filters to allow you fix blurriness, glaring lights, and unflattering selfies before sharing.

One of the most useful and unique features on this device is the Phone Clone. For anyone who is nostalgic about old messages, or anyone who has built up high scores in any of their games, or anyone who finds it frustrating trying to build up their contact list after switching phone, this is a really exciting feature. The Phone Clone allows you to transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, and apps from your old Android to your new Huawei Smartphone. For iPhone users, it allows you to transfer contacts, photos, and videos from your iPhone to your new Huawei Smartphone. For Huawei Smartphone users, there is the greatest transfer capabilities, with the ability to clone contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, apps and app data, settings, alarms, memos, browser bookmarks, and phone layout.

Another feature I really enjoy is the Smart Split Screen functionality. This feature allows you to access two apps at a time! So finally you can watch a YouTube video while scrolling through Twitter, or keep an eye on your Twitter feed at the same time as your Facebook feed. This is another point where the size of the screen is particularly handy, as both apps will still be big enough to view even when made a fraction of the size.

There are also several smaller features which I find quite useful. There is a To Do List app as part of the phone which lets you quickly pop down things you need to do as you think of them, and then you can assign a colour to signify the genre of the task (e.g. work, coursework etc). There is also a torch that is easy to access which you can find at the top of the pull down screen. Another feature is that it automatically counts your daily steps and lets you know once you reach 10,000 steps (the recommended daily amount for an adult). These are all small things wherein the P Smart contributes to making your life a bit easier.

If I had any complaints to share about this phone, I would. But I really don’t have anything negative to say. It’s possible that bugs will begin to reveal themselves over time, but at this point I could not be happier recommending the P Smart to anyone with studently phone needs.

The studently needs accommodated by the P Smart include affordability. The phone is available from €229 and for free on bill pay, really encompassing the Huawei motto of ‘More Everything for Less’.

Chloe Maguire – Science Writer