Just days after news broke that she had left UCD, Dolores ‘I’m not against vaccines but…’ Cahill has stated that “Students were the real virus all along!” in an interview with INFO COMBAT.

“We’ve spent the last 18 months worried about the #plandemic #scamdemic #sheeple that nobody realised the truth… The REAL virus is college students! Especially those bloody medicine students. Expecting me to ‘teach in an unbiased way????” Cahill said before guffawing loudly.

“Students are the REAL virus”

“They’re putting chemicals in the water that are turning the fricking students into sheep!” claimed the anti-vaccination former UCD lecturer, former Freedom Party chair, former EU committee member, and former respected academic Dolores Cahill in an interview with INFO COMBAT, the only part of the TURBINE giving you the conservative TRUTH

credit, hugh dooley college tribune
Dolores Cahill speaking to the Turbine “Students are the real virus” (Image Credit: Dugh Hooley)

Students, Cahill explained, became the virus after consuming the grimey and vile ‘UCD Burger’ in the Gerard Unmanly Flopkins building. As it happened, the food in the “restaurant” was so torrid, that students have mutated and have started to expect proper teaching!

Cahill has recommended a number of Societal Spacing strategies to reduce the amount of contact that students can have with lecturers and society at large, to prevent other groups of people going the same way as students and journalists… the infected. The Societal Spacing protocol proposed by Cahill will have all students wear a mouth covering, to minimise the risk of passing on the mutation of “complaining” and “calling out disinformation”.

The New(man) World Order’s influence.

Here at INFO COMBAT, we will not stop calling out the actions of The New(man) World Order, the secret cooperative of selfish arts students intent on running society like a puppet show. 

We will ask questions such as “Are UCD putting chemicals in the water to turn the students into Chinese operatives?” “Is Andrew Deeks a lizard?” and “Did Dolores Cahill actually win the UCDSU sabbatical elections?”. While there is no proof to back up these claims, we ALL know that’s because the New(man) World Order are censoring INFO COMBAT. 

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Dugh Hooley – Snooze Man